Hi!  We are Sho Scott (age 10) and Saya Scott (age 4).  From late June to early August 2011, we plan to circumnavigate Iceland by bicycle with our dad, Charles Scott.  We will carry a tent and all of our gear on the bikes, and have mapped out a route of around 1500 miles.  The trip will take us about six weeks to complete and should be a fun challenge!  Our website is www.icelandbikeadventure.com.


We hope this effort inspires families to come up with their own ideas for shared adventures, and reminds people of the amazing accomplishments children are capable of.  Also, we are working with the United Nations Environment Programme to encourage people to protect and preserve our planet’s natural resources.  We are raising funds to support the United Nations' Billion Tree Campaign, which aims to plant at least one billion trees worldwide each year.


We have created a registry of items we need for the ride.  If you would like to choose a gift or make a donation to the Billion Tree Campaign, click on Registry in the list on the left. 



Thanks for your support! 

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